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Bleach Vs Naruto [Complete]

Hey guys! It's been a while but I have finally completed my flash project! :D. I had to host it at due to Newground's file limit. Please be sure to watch it :D. I am very glad that I have finally finished it. The link to the game is above this paragraph.

Enjoy! :D

Bleach vs Naruto Project finally completed!

I have updated the Rukia vs Deidara interactive game/movie. The updates have included:
- Both Shakkahou and Soukatsui now have two firing modes. Incantation or without. Skipping the incantation will weaken the spell but will shorten the length of the attack drastically.
- Heal damage has now been increased and so has it's cost.
- The life bars and mana bars have been fixed. They won't glitch up anymore (:

If you spot anything wrong please contact me. I'll get on it right away.


Yay~ xD

2010-10-25 15:07:48 by KurosaineDESU

Finally started working and fixing up my Bleach & Naruto project. Though I won't be finished for a while :D. I hope it all makes sense once I upload the full version ^-^. It may have to be in two parts though... thats because of the 10 Mb file size limit D:. Oh well :D!